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Jamaica Natural Hair Health & Beauty Festival August 1, 2017 - Fort Charlotte, Lucea, Hanover, Jamaica

09:00 to 00:00


The 1st ever Jamaica Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Festival, will be held at the historic Fort Charlotte in Lucea, Hanover, Jamaica on Emancipation Day, Tuesday, August 1, 2017, under the theme:  “‘Hair’  we come; Here’s to health; Ital is Vital”.

This festival at its core, is geared at enabling women and girls to love, manage and wear their beautiful natural hair, of all types, with ease, with beauty and with grace.

Increasingly, Jamaicans are becoming health conscious and very mindful of the foods we consume, and the products we put on our bodies, and are always seeking ways of finding the best products we believe to be in the best interest of our health.  Therefore, the Jamaica Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Festival will go beyond the superficial, beyond aesthetics, because beauty, it is said, is only skin-deep.

As most people may know, the health of the hair in its natural state is a reflection of general health.   The skin too, is emphasisedbecause the skin, is our largest organ and the health of the skin is a major reflection of the health of the rest of the body.  

We will celebrate and promote healthy hair; celebrate Jamaican producers of natural and organic beauty products for the skin, hair and body, as well as other products for healthy living; organic and wholesome foods – fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs - and beverages.  Of course, naturally, we will be promoting the consumption of water.

So, the Jamaica Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Festival will be a lively and entertaining place for the promotion of those Superfoods for hair growth and strong healthy hair; contribute to beautiful skin and general well-being, which are produced in Jamaica, by Jamaican companies.  

These products help to make us look good, and our bodies feel well, and when we look good, we feel good about ourselves and our Self Confidence is boosted.

 So, on Emancipation Day, come to Lucea, come to Fort Charlotte! Come celebrate!

Remember “Our health, is our wealth”!

With Love!